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 Private Investigators & Detectives 
 in Ohio

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[ Comprehensive background checks ]


We have the ability to do comprehensive background checks when you need the information about someone’s criminal history or financial history.

[ Criminal Investigations ]


We can assist with witness statements, photographs, neighborhood canvassing, and any other interviews needed to help with a criminal investigation.

[ Fraud & Insurance ]


We have worked with several insurance companies in arson cases and traffic accidents. Our assistance is with interviews and photographs of the scene.


[ Marital Asset Inventories ]


In many divorces the household items need to be inventoried and logged for the court. We stand by while this is done to help eliminate aggressive behavior in an emotionally charged situation.

[ Skip Trace ]


Need someone located? We can help. Many times in civil and estate cases people have moved and need to be relocated to proceed with the case. Estates can be difficult because the heirs are not listed with a lot of personal information to locate them. That’s where we can help.


[ Court Ordered Supervised Visitation ]


When children are involved and the court orders their visitation to be supervised, we supervise those visits. There are times our testimony is needed for the court to continue or terminate the supervised visitation.

[Surveillance ]


Electronic and video surveillance is sometimes needed for evidence in many situations. We provide these services.


[ Process Serving]


Process serving is serving court orders ,subpoenas, divorce papers, court hearing notifications in civil, criminal and juvenile cases. I have a standing order in Butler County and am on Butler County Juvenile Court’s approved list of process servers

If you need any investigative work done this is where you turn! Prepare yourself before you go to court or any other situation where you need to cover your bases! Call Sherry!

Sherry does an awesome job with many facets of a family law practice!

Todd Helton

Beth Yauch

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